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1. 6. 2019 – 31. 5. 2021

Ljubljana School fort he Deaf includes one teaching activity at a partner school and 16 educational
visits at the workplace in our Erasmus plus KA1 project. . The project includes three deaf participants
with an interpreter. We are planning visits in the following countries: Finland, Latvia, Great Britain,
France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania. Teaching of the deaf participant will take place
in Croatia. Ljubljana School fort he Deaf identifies in the European Development Plan a new need of
professional workers, ie education in the field of deaf children in kindergarten and elementary school,
because it is a highly deprived group of children. Due to the successful integration of the deaf, ZGNL
only includes children from the socialally deprived families, deaf families with no support and children
from the Roma community. The key objective of the project is thus related to new methods for deaf
children and examples of good practices in 9 European countries. We have selected reliable partner
organizations with a lot of experience in this field, with 6 we have already participated, with 3 we are
cooperating for the first time. In ZGNL, we have already formed a team of experts who will explore
the mentioned problems of depriviliged deaf in the following years. We are preparing 9 mobility flows
for 17 participants, each with two people, one experienced and the other one who is a teacher –
beginner. Mobilities with deaf participants also has an interpreter who interprets the Slovene sign
language. European Officewill coordinate a project and support participants in collecting innovative
methods and examples of good practices.. The team will meet on a monthly basis, after the
completed mobility, they will exchange materials, opinions and disseminate project results in the
organization, the local community, Slovenia and Europe.
The European office will take care of carrying out activities, preparing participants, evaluating
objectives and dissemination, supporting the participants in the implementation of their activities, and
upgrading the project and ensuring sustainability. The project will also be linked to other projects
which are carried our by Ljubljana School fort he Deaf. The project duration is 2 years.


  • Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy nr 4
  • Spojen a skola internatna
  • SS, ZS a MS pro sluchove postizene, Praha
  • Turun kristillisen opiston säätiö
  • Liceul Tehnologic Special pentru Deficienti de Auz Cluj-Napoca
  • Oak Lodge School
  • Rigas 252. pirmsskolas izglitibas iestade
  • Institut Public la Persagotiere
  • Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Slava RaŠkaj Zagreb